Gary Bell Coming to UW?

Gary Bell, ranked No. 3 in our High School Player rankings has reportedly received a scholarship offer from UW already, despite being only a sophomore.

The players ranked above him, Smith and Wroten, have also received offers from UW, but they are also being courted by a handful of other colleges. Bell currently has an offer from California as well. After a successful sophomore season, by leading his team to the 4A state semifinals, Bell is ready to dominate in his Junior year.

Only more colleges will start to take notice and make it harder for the Huskies to grab him. Romar obviously believes that he is something special if he’s already offering him a scholarship. Keeping local talent, especially if you’re a coach in Seattle is a requirement of top college basketball programs.

Most fans would love to have Tony Wroten as well, and although getting him is a strong possibility, we can’t get our hopes to high. It’ll be interesting to see whether Bell grows a little more or not. He’s a 6 foot shooting guard, his size and skill set is reminiscent of an ex-husky, Adrian Oliver.

photo source: [seatimes]