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Metro Basketball Power Rankings: Week 2


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It’s that time of the year again, where high school gyms from all over the Seattle area have officially opened their doors to the return of high school basketball. SeaTown Sports once again is here to provide the solid coverage of the highly competitive and always entertaining Metro League.

The conference has taken a bit of a hit this year as many of highly rated players such as Anrio Adams, Sekou Wiggs, Jalen Ward and Mitch Brewe have moved on to next stage of their basketball careers.

Still this conference has the number one team in the state in Rainier Beach who added a 4 star rated player in Shaqquan Aaron from Woodland Hills, California. Also, Franklin is considered to be the number three team in state as well and we can’t forget the conference has one of the best players in the state in DJ Fenner from Seattle Prep. This conference will be as competitive as we have seen it before.


Player of the Week: DJ Fenner (Seattle Prep) G/F

Fenner earns player of the week because of the ridiculous amount of points he’s been putting up. The senior scored 34 points against Cleveland which isn’t a shocker, but the next game put up 32 points against 4A’s Bellarmine Prep. The Nevada commit has the ability to take over games and has improved his shooting which makes him even that more dangerous. Don’t be surprised if he earns player of the week honors next week too.

Runner ups: Marquis Davis (Rainier Beach), Mandrell Worthy (Eastside Catholic)

Power Rankings:

1. Rainier Beach (2-0): The defending state champion Rainier Beach Vikings are the team to beat this year. You would think the loss of Anrio Adams would affect this squad. But Adams aside, this team returns their whole squad from last year that won state. If you remember the 2012 state title game, this Vikings team played basically the entire game without Adams and ended up winning. It only gets better for Beach as they added one of the top players on the West Coast in Shaqquan Aaron. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vikings win their second straight state title this year.

This Week: At Chief Sealth (4-0), At Seattle Prep (4-0)

2. Franklin (4-0): The Quakers are the 3rd ranked team in the state to start the season and have a lot of talent on the floor. Point guard Arell Hennings, who can get to the basket with ease and also pass with efficiency, leads them. Hennings is averaging around 16 points per game this season. Another player to keep your eye on is Patrick Ball who helped lead the Quakers to the Metro Finals last season. Franklin’s undefeated so far because of the lack of talented teams they’ve played, but should be solid this season.

This Week: Ingraham (1-3), At Bainbridge (4-1)

3. Seattle Prep (4-0): The Panthers have lost a lot of talent from last year but still have DJ Fenner. When you have a player like Fenner who’s averaging over 25 points a game then you’ll have a chance. Not having a dominant post game like last year will hurt this team, but so far they are undefeated. As the competition gets tougher we’ll see if this team is the real deal. They’ll get that opportunity this Friday as they host the number one team in the state, Rainier Beach. They’ll also host a tough Eastside Catholic team earlier in the week.

This Week: At Eastside Catholic (2-1), Rainier Beach (2-0)

4. Lakeside (3-1) The Lions are team that could surprise some people this year with the amount of talent they have. Lakeside has one of the top players in the state in point guard Tramaine Isabell who has great court vision but is considered to be a scorer. If Lakeside wants to compete this year, Isabel must be the main factor. The Lions lost to Seattle Prep by two points but have easily won the rest of their games so far.

This Week: Ingraham (1-3), Eastside Catholic (2-1)

5. Chief Sealth (4-0) Are the Seahawks contenders this year? They are undefeated and did defeat Eastside Catholic, which is a quality win, but I’m also interested to see how this team matches up against teams like Franklin and Rainer Beach. Since they have an undefeated record they get the 5th spot for now, but with a tough schedule approaching that could change. The Seahawks’ main scorer is Bronte’ Corbray who’s averaging 20 points a game.

This Week: Rainier Beach (4-0), Cleveland (1-3)

6. Eastside Catholic (2-1)

This Week: Seattle Prep (4-0), Nathan Hale (2-2)

7. O’Dea (1-1)

This Week: Bishop Blanchet (0-4) twice

8. Nathan Hale (2-2)

This Week: At Cleveland (1-3), At Eastside Catholic (2-1)

9. Bainbridge (4-1)

This Week: West Seattle (0-2), Franklin (4-0)

10. Ingraham (1-3)

This Week: At Franklin (4-0), At Lakeside (3-1)

11. West Seattle (0-2)

This Week: At Bainbridge (4-1)

12. Cleveland (1-3)

This Week: Nathan Hale (2-2), At Chief Sealth (4-0)

13. Bishop Blanchet (0-4)

This Week: O’Dea (1-1) twice

Game of the Week: Rainier Beach (4-0) at Seattle Prep (4-0), Friday December 14, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.

This will be a game you do not want to miss folks as nationally ranked Rainer Beach will travel to Seattle Prep and put their undefeated record on the line. DJ Fenner will get his points, but it’s a matter of who else will step up. Rainier Beach has too much talent not to win this game and I believe they take care of Prep easily.

Prediction: Rainier Beach 75-65

–Evan Baron (Follow me on twitter @BaselineBaron09)