Metro Division Football Power Rankings: Week 6

Editor’s note: We took time off from power rankings last week, but we are back for week 6 as the regular season starts to wind down.

This week saw Seattle Prep return to form, Eastside Catholic dominate Rainier Beach, and O’Dea win yet again. In the Sound Division, Nathan Hale stayed on top, and is in position to take the title if they win out. This upcoming week features some massive games in Metro Mountain, with number one Eastside Catholic taking on O’Dea, and bitter rivals Seattle Prep and Blanchet facing off on Saturday.

Look for the Power Rankings and Predictions after the jump.

Power Rankings

Metro Mountain

(Last Week’s Ranking, Current Record)

1. Eastside Catholic (1, 6-0) Beat Rainier Beach 67-34

Quarterback Trey Reynolds put on a masterful performance for the Crusaders, leading Eastside Catholic to a whopping 61 first half points and an easy victory against over-matched Rainier Beach. The senior accounted for six first half TDs which was good to enough to be named the Seattle Times high school athlete of the week. Eastside appears to be rolling on all cylinders heading into the biggest game of the Metro season this week against O’Dea.

2. O’Dea (2, 5-1) Beat Blanchet 32-19

The Irish jumped out to a 15 point first quarter lead thanks to two Miles Gaskin touchdowns, and never looked back. After an easy victory over Blanchet, O’Dea looks ready to take on Eastside Catholic in a matchup that will likely decide the Metro Mountain championship.

3. Blanchet (3, 4-2) Lost to O’Dea 32-19

After four consecutive victories to start the season, Blanchet has now dropped two straight. The Braves were over matched from the start against O’Dea, but that was to be expected. It will be interesting to see how Blanchet fairs against arch-rival Seattle Prep this weekend, as the Panthers looked very impressive against Bainbridge last week.

4. Seattle Prep (4, 2-4) Beat Bainbridge 38-17

For the first time this season, the Panthers looked like the team that was projected to be top ten in the state. This is due in large part to the return of a healthy Tere Calloway. The highly recruited running back and safety piled up a ridiculous 238 yards and 3 TD’s on 16 carries for an average of 14.8 yards a carry. If Calloway can put on a repeat performance, the Panthers should not have a problem beating the currently struggling Braves.

5. Bainbridge (5, 2-4) Lost to Seattle Prep 38-17

With two consecutive blowout losses, first to Eastside Catholic, and next to Seattle Prep, the Spartans are firmly entrenched in the basement of Metro Mountain.

Metro Sound

1. Nathan Hale (1, 5-1) Beat Chief Sealth 43-23

Hale cruised to an easy victory over the hapless Seahawks and with only two games remaining on their schedule, look to be in great position to wrap up the Metro Sound title.

2. Rainier Beach (2, 3-3) Lost to Eastside Catholic 67-34

The Vikings were beaten in every aspect of the game last week, as for the first time this season, they went up against a team with equal athleticism. As the Metro Sound schedule winds down, Rainier Beach is not in control of their destiny, and needs Hale to lose if they want to play in the Metro championship game.

3. West Seattle (3, 4-2) Beat Ingraham 44-13

After getting embarrassed by Rainier Beach two weeks ago, West Seattle bounced back marvelously against the struggling Ingraham Rams. West Seattle’s match up with Nathan Hale two weeks from now will likely be the game that decides the Metro Sound.

4. Chief Sealth (4, 3-3) Lost to Nathan Hale 43-23

After the top three teams of Nathan Hale, Rainier Beach and West Seattle, there is a ridiculous drop off in talent, but in the next tier, Sealth stands on top this season. Despite being soundly beaten by Hale, the Seahawks remain fourth in the power rankings because no team below them has been overly impressive in the past two weeks.

5. Cleveland (6, 2-3) Beat Franklin 26-21

Despite a narrow victory against Franklin, Cleveland must be able to string two wins together if they want to move up any higher in the power rankings.

6. Franklin (5, 1-5) Lost to Cleveland 26-21

Franklin’s sole victory over Ingraham this season is the only thing keeping them out of last place.

7. Ingraham (7, 0-6) Lost to West Seattle 44-13

With upcoming games against Hale and Sealth, it looks unlikely that the Rams will be able to get anything in the win column this season.


Eastside Catholic vs. O’Dea

In the biggest game of the Metro season, and one of the biggest games in all of 3A this year, Eastside Catholic takes on O’Dea. The way their offense has been playing, the Crusaders will have no problem scoring points. Their problem will be containing electric running back Tatum Taylor. In the end, Reynolds and Co will be too much for the Irish. Eastside Catholic 42 – O’Dea 38

Seattle Prep vs. Blanchet

Last week showed how much of a difference a healthy Tere Calloway makes for Seattle Prep. If he plays how he did against Bainbridge, it will be a long game for the Braves. Seattle Prep takes it 35-24

West Seattle vs. Chief Sealth

West Seattle might be looking past the Seahawks, to their season finale against Nathan Hale. Ultimately, this will be their undoing. Sealth upsets West Seattle 24-21