Q & A: Rashaun Johnson Foster Track Star

We will be profiling some Track and Field athletes from around the state who will be competing at the State Championships this Friday and Saturday.

Foster High School Junior, Rashaun Johnson currently has the best time in 3Ain the 300m hurdles, he also holds the second best time in the state in 3A in the 200m dash.

2009 Personal Records:
110m Hurdles- 14.61
300m Hurdles-38.54

Who do you run for?
I represent Foster High School’s “Legacy” of track. It consist of working hard to have a relay team that makes it to the state finals and an individual from each category to make it into state. Particular people that I run for is my great-grandmother who is the biggest influence on who I am in our civilization. She past away when I was seven years old and in every race I pray to her that I’m always running for her. On my left forearm I hold a tattoo of her name in remembrance.

What events are you going to be running in at state?
In state, I’ll be running in the 110 meter high hurdles, the 300 meter intermediate hurdles, and the 200 meter dash. I’ll also be an alternate in the 4×100 meter relay. I would be in the 100 meter dash, but due to issues our team had of making decisions regarding our relay teams, I just scratched to help them out if they need it.

Who do you most look forward to running against and why?
I definitely look forward to running against Daniel Sullivan of Seattle U because he was a graduate of Foster in 2006 and held the 300m hurdle record until I beat it this year, along with breaking records in the 100, 110mh, and 200. I also look forward to running against Stephone Jordan who was a graduate of Garfield in 2008 because I admired how fast he was as a washington runner and since his school is purple/white bulldogs as well. I told him that I was going to be faster than him throughout my high school years.

Who are your favorite professional sprinters, hurdlers?
I honestly don’t have a personal favorite track athlete, but I loved to watch Michael Johnson run online when I was in middle school. I only paid attention to him because he had the same last name as me and held the world record in sprinting, so I thought as a kid that if he can do it as a Johnson then I can do it.

Do you play any other sports?
I played football coming into high school as a freshman and in the same year I broke my leg because I was running too fast towards the sideline trying to stop and then being pushed onto fake carpet and into a metal bench. It ruined my basketball season that year and sophomore year as well. I learned my lesson then, but I still got back on my feet to run the first leg for our 4×1 to take second in 2A state. The sport that I love is basketball which I always play in my spare time and watch most of my time.

Where do you plan on going to college?
As a kid growing up, I fell in love with the Boston Celtics, and still am a strong fan. I found out about Boston College by watching NCAA basketball and told myself I always wanted to go there, but I have been taking time to think about all the options I have and so far I cannot decide yet.

Do you run AAU/Club track in the summer?
I honestly never have joined a track AAU/Club team outside of school because of transportation, but at the beginning of this track season I have been back and forth from a training camp held at UW by Seattle AAU track coaches and I believe I’ll be doing the same next year.

Did you have any goals going into this season, and have you reached them?
I did have many goals because Foster was in the Nisqually league of 2A and now this is the first year in the Seamount of 3A. I have long awaited to become a champion in the State track meet. I’ve been coming so far to hold second place titles and I will become a state champion this year even if it’s 3A in some event. Other than that I wanted to break records held at my school and so far I’ve broken all four events that I currently run in including being apart of the new 4×100 record holding team.

Who will be your stiffest competition in the events you are running in at state?
I believe Jaakko Malmivirta and Taylor Schmidt will be my competition for the 110mh, Spencer Wordell in the 300mh, and Markeem Adams in the 200. The competition is outstanding but it never withholds my confidence in winning.