Tony Wroten Update 5/23

On a recent appearance on Q13 Sports, Tony Wroten revealed his current situation regarding college. He stated that right now he has no preference and will start looking at colleges at the end of his junior year. Wroten is currently the consensus number one shooting guard in the class of 2011. He is also considered by many to be the top prospect overall from the class of 2011.

He currently has two offers on the table, one from Washington and one from Louisville. He also has high interest in attending Tennessee. Tony’s dad, Tony Wroten Sr. is a former UW football standout. Along with his dad attending UW, Tony is familiar with the numerous Garfield alumni that have played under Lorenzo Romar.

This includes the likes of Brandon Roy, Tre Simmons, and Will Conroy. Along with that, from what I’ve heard, Nate Robinson is cousins with Tony Wroten Jr. It does seem however that every good basketball player from Seattle is somehow related to Nate Robinson, but that’s another story. This of course could work against the Huskies as Wroten might prefer to make a name for himself at another college program.

Instinct has told me that he will probably want to go to a big east-coast college, where he’ll get maximum exposure. Programs like Memphis, North Carolina, and Syracuse are all enticing opportunities for him to get NBA scouts’ attention as he is a likely one and done player. However, Washington does offer some positives for Wroten. UW’s offensive and defensive systems offer a lot for a highlight-reel player like Wroten.

Romar gives his players a lot of freedom on the offensive end, and allows his guards to apply constant full-court defensive pressure. I’m sure the coaching staff are going to sell these points hard when they are talking to Wroten. It is way too early to speculate, but considering his connections to the program combined with UW’s recent success, it would not be out of line to say that UW has an edge at this point.

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