Random Seattle Athlete of the Day: Mike Jensen

Arizona v Washington

Name: Mike Jensen

Claim to Fame
Being a three-year Letterman and a trailblazer of the hybrid position “shooting center.”

Was He Any Good?
Ask any Husky Basketball fan, and the answer will be a resounding no. Jensen will be forever remembered for the nightmare moment when, during the NCAA tournament, he committed an ill-advised foul against UConn’s Marcus Williams. The Dawgs were up by four, and the foul on a breakaway basket allowed Conneticut to push the game into overtime and eventually win.

However, poor decision making aside, his three-point shooting,  no-matter how awkward-looking, helped spread defenses, and his 6’8” frame gave UW a big body on the boards and defense.

Jensen was perhaps one of the most underrated, hardest working, and misunderstood role players to ever don the purple and gold.

Anything Else Interesting About Him?
Decision making was always a problem for Jensen. During his senior year playing for Kentwood High School, Jensen was arrested for stealing beer while at a tournament in Lynden, leading to chants of “Beer on Jensen” every time he played in Pullman.

While at UW, Jensen earned the nickname “Scooter” for his tendency to ride a motorized scooter around the campus. In 2006, Jensen decided to take his bleached blond hair and charming smile to China, signing with the Shaanxi Kylins of the Chinese Basketball Association. But apparently Jensen and China did not get along too well, and Jensen currently may or may not be stuck selling shoes at Nordstrom’s.

It is yet to be seen if he can find some way to screw that job up, too…