Random Seattle Athlete of the Day: Zane Potter

Zane Potter

Claim to Fame: The first Husky fan-favorite during the Romar era.

Was he any good?
Zane Potter was not known for making a personal impact in the actual games, but his contributions in practice as walk-on helped the Husky basketball team during two successful seasons in 2003-04 and 2004-05. Coach Romar said it best himself, “Everybody likes Zane because you know what he is going to do what he has to do while putting forth a great effort every time. He has a great attitude. He is an extremely hard worker.” In the 2004-05 sweet sixteen season, Potter played in both of the NCAA touranment games and shot 88% from the free-throw line that season going 7 for 8 from the charity stripe.

Anything Else Interesting About Him?
Besides the magical last name, there are some interesting facts about Potter’s background. He went to high school in a town called Boring, Oregon. No joke, it’s a real town. In his freshman year at UW, Potter was not even a member of the basketball team, he was a walk-on for the rowing team. I guess all of a sudden he decided to to try out for the basketball team. Turned out well for him. He became famous. He got to play with future NBA players, he was on two of the greatest Husky basketball teams of all-time, and he was a perennial fan-favorite. We’ve been informed that Zane is now a teacher in Oregon. If you read this Zane, always know that you’ll be forever remembered by all the Husky fans that witnessed the turn-around of the UW basketball program.

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