Catching Up with Justin Dentmon

I don’t know about you, but sometimes at random times during the day I think of random former husky basketball players. Justin Dentmon left UW two years ago, and a lot of people really don’t know what he’s been up to since. He had a stint in Israel, but now he’s in the D-League trying his best to make it into the NBA. He took some time out of his busy lifeto talk to us and answer some of our questions over email. He gives us updates on a few other former Huskies and tells us about his brother’s decision to become a Duck. Here’s hoping he achieves his dream. Enjoy. 

What have you been up to since you graduated from UW?
Working out. Doing basketball camps and trying to make my mark in the NBA.

Who do you work out with in the gym most frequently, any former/current Huskies or other players?
I work out mostly with Bobby Jones.

How’s Bobby doing, is he still trying to get into the NBA?
I don’t think so, he just wants to play anywhere that allows him.

What parts of your game are the NBA people telling you, you need to improve on to make the jump?
Just running more at the point guard spot.

What’s your relationship with the UW program been like since you’ve been gone?
Kind of distant.

Any beef with your brother Bruce Barron for choosing Oregon? (Higlight Video below)
No beef at all. I’m happy for him. My mom was happier that he didn’t go to UW for some reason, haha. I asked some of the guys, ”Are you ready to scout my brother?”



Do you guys have similar types of games? What do you guys have in common on the court?
Yes our games are somewhat alike. He is just taller and can pass better than me. I still can shoot better.

During your time at UW, who was your favorite player to play with?
Joe Wolfinger


Still keep in touch with him? Do you know what he’s been up to?
He’s overseas ballin’.

Best memory at UW?
Winning the Pac-10 title at home.

How did you take such a big step from your freshmen year? What kind of work ethic did that take?
It took a lot of focus and discipline to get up every morning and work, whether it was shooting, lifting, or keeping my body healthy. The most important part was staying out of trouble and staying eligible to play college basketball.

Kobe or LeBron?

Who is winning the NBA Finals this year?

Toughest player you had to guard during college?
Toughest or skilled? No one was really that tough I played against. But played with is a different story. Jon Brockman was the toughest.

How about the most skilled player you played against?
Marcus Willams from UConn.

Have you thought ahead at all of post-basketball life?
Yes I have, think about it a lot. I want to have a family and coach basketball.

Anything else you’d like Husky fans to know?
Nothing really. Just continue to follow my career, and follow me on twitter. Also, look out for my lil’ brother!