Interview: Josh Hawkinson, Shorewood High Forward

6’9” Josh Hawkinson
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The Shorewood High School basketball team was one of the best in all of the WestCo conference last season led by thier star forward, Josh Hawksinson, who averaged 18 PPG. I recently had a chance to catch up with the touted prospect and ask him a few questions about his college options, skill set, and summer basketball plans. 

SeaTown: What would you consider your strengths and weaknesses on the court?

Josh: My strength is my diversity. I can score in the post, but then I can step back and hit 3’s and outside shots. So I feel like I’m hard to guard because of that and it makes me a threat. While I can get better at things, I really don’t have a glaring weakness.

SeaTown: Have any colleges contacted you?

Josh: Yeah, quite a few. The University of Santa Barbra, Cal, Stanford, Boise State, Seattle U, San Diego University, Portland University, Portland State, Washington State, Weber State, Pepperdine, and a couple other smaller colleges have sent me letters and what not. I really haven’t decided on a top 5 or anything like that yet, as I’m only a Junior and have a whole summer and fall season to play.

SeaTown: Is there anything you look for in a university to set it apart?

Well, I definitely want to stay in this area, kind of on the West Coast. I’m not going to go anywhere far away. That’s a huge factor. Another big thing is the coach and how I would fit into their program and how many guys there are and if I would get legitimate playing time or not. It wouldn’t be very fun if I just sat on the bench.

SeaTown: What are your plans for summer?

Josh: I’m going to play in a lot of basketball tournaments with my travel team, The Hoopaholics. We’re going to tournaments in California, Las Vegas, Portland, and obviously Seattle. It should be really fun.

In addition to all that I’m doing weight training and going to a separate basketball trainer. Not a lot of time to do homework to say the least.

SeaTown: How far do you think your Shorewood High School team can go this winter?

Josh: I feel like we have a pretty good chance to succeed and go to state this year. That’s our goal that we believe we can achieve. With our new coach and players coming back I feel like we have a good chance.

- Nathan Parsons (@nathanparsons98