Q and A with Cameron Dollar Head Basketball Coach at Seattle U

SeaTown Sports got a chance to chat with Seattle University’s new basketball head coach, Cameron Dollar. Cameron Dollar has been an assistant under Lorenzo Romar for the past seven years, and now is at Seattle U with his first head coaching job. See what Coach Dollar had to say after the jump!

What retired or current coaches have had the most influence on you? And why?
I am influenced by Dean Smith, Rick Pitino and Bob Knight. All were very organized, intense, and detailed.

Which current player(s) on the roster do you expect to make the biggest contributions on the court?
I think the returnees Mike Boxley and Chris Gweth will be ready to make significant contributions.

In recruiting, what are your biggest selling points for Seattle U?
Our academics, coaching staff, and being a trailblazer.

Could you further explain what you mean by “being a trailblazer”?
Doing something that has never been done before. Being the first to put us on the map.

What steps do you as head coach need to take for SU to join a conference like the WCC? Are there any alternatives?
There are no steps for me to take. I actually enjoy the fact that we are not in a conference. At this time our job is to continue to develop our program to compete against good teams all over the country.

What specific opponents are you looking forward to playing this upcoming season that will help elevate Seattle U to the next level?
No opponents in particular. I am just excited to play a full division one schedule and see where we fit. Making the jump is a challenge in itself.

After working with Lorenzo Romar for seven years, what is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from him that will stick with you as you start your journey as a head coach?
Romar had a great way of being extremely patient on the midst of the storm. I can’t promise I will be quite as good, but I will try!

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