Q and A with Michael Harris, Shorecrest Midfielder

Senior Midfielder, Michael Harris is currently one of the key players on a nationally ranked and undefeated Shorecrest soccer team. The Scots are currently heading into the post season as the No. 3 in the nation according to the rankings of ESPN Rise. We got a chance to talk to the 2009 Gatorade State Player of the year to get his thoughts on the regular season and upcoming post season. Check out the interview after the jump!


What were your team’s goals entering the season?

Our team’s goals at the beginning of the season were to improve every game and to get better as a team as the season went on. We lost a lot of seniors last year so we didn’t have any huge goals.

Did you have any personal goals?

My personal goal was to become a better leader on and off the field and to be a good role model for the new players on the team, and to help my team play to their best ability.

Has the success been a surprise to you considering all the new players filling in new roles?

I would have to say it has been a surprise. Its hard for any team in high school sports to have such good back to back seasons like we have had especially with losing 8 seniors last year. But it goes to show the hard work those new players put into the off-season to improve their abilities as individuals

Does mostly everyone on your team play soccer year around?

Yes most people play on some sort of club team outside of school which has helped a lot and is a big reason for our success.

What in your opinion are the biggest strengths of this team this season? Any difference from last year’s squad?

This team’s strength has to be the goal keeping and defending. Last year we were very strong up front and could score on almost anyone. This year we have only allowed six goals all season and our goalie Erik Baker has improved tremendously from last year.

What stood out about UW’s soccer program that made you want to play there? Were you being recruited by any other schools?

I was being recruited by Seattle U as well and I loved their program and Brad Agoos is a great coach, but UW had an equivalent soccer program with a bigger school and that was what sold me. Seattle u is very nice but it was just too small for me.

Are there any particular pros that you model your game after?

My favorite is Frank Lampard. His skills on the ball, ability to control the midfield, his sense of where the defenders are, and the way he scores are what I try to replicate and follow when I play.

Shorecrest is ranked as one of the top teams in the nation, how do you guys stay focused with all the attention and hype?

At practices we really do not talk about the rankings in the state or nationally. We just focus on the games ahead and let the professionals and analysts make up whatever they want to say about our team. One reason I think we did so well last year was because we did not have much of that hype, as a result we were considered under-dogs in some games. This year we still have that same mentality.