Alex Rodriguez: No. 5 Mariner of All-Time

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Number Five
Alex Rodriguez, SS 1994-2000

Photo Source: [SI]

It’s sort of funny, the player who could end up as the greatest player to ever play the game of baseball, falls short on the All-Time Mariners list, coming in at number five. Though A-Rod really had only five meaningful seasons, Mariner fans were treated to watching one of the greatest baseball of talents unfold and grow before their own eyes.

A-Rod may not go down as one of the most-liked mariners of all time, who gained the name Pay-Rod after leaving the Mariners for the Rangers for an extremely lucrative contract. And now A-Rod is a New York Yankee and has recently divorced his wife. Somewhere during his time out of Seattle, Rodriguez has seemed to lose his likability and is gaining more and more haters than fans now.

But let’s rewind and try to think of those times when A-Rod was just a kid playing for the Mariners in the late 90s. The hype was rampant, the MLB didn’t have so much buzz around a young player since well..Griffey. He was compared often to his best friend and rival, Derek Jeter who played in the opposite coast for the Yankees. A-Rod was known for his speed, glove, and bat, playing the shortstop position with beauty.

His best season as a Mariner came in 1998 where he would hit .310, hit 42 home runs, and steal 46 bases. The only time he has ever been part of the 40-40 club, and still his highest stolen base total in season to date. During his time as a Mariner, A-Rod made four all-star appearances and won four silver slugger awards.

So there you go, the best player to ever play the game of baseball, started his career in Seattle. Remember Joey Cora? Thanks for comforting him Alex!

Mariner Records:
No.2 Slugging %- .561
No.3 Batting Average- .309 

No.5 Runs Scored-627

No.4 Home Runs- 189

No.5 Runs Batted In- 595