Mariners Sign International Free Agent Luis Gohara

Just a few hours ago, the Mariners prospect situation got even more interesting with the signing of Brazilian southpaw Luis Gohara. Standing at 6’3”, 220 pounds, Gohara has no problems (according to reports) hitting 94 mph, while regularly sitting at about 91 mph. Pair that with what is said to be a quality slider, and he already has the makings of a solid starter. Oh, by the way, did I mention that he was only 16 years old?

Once again, we have to keep our expectations in check. While being rated routinely in the top 5 international free agents (except by Baseball America, who ranked him 7th), Gohara is still young at 16 years old. Not many people have seen him play, so we have no clue what his stuff actually looks like or what composure he has on the mound. He could be a totally wild fireballer for all we know (then again, Felix was a wild fireballer, and see where he is now?).

All in all, today the Mariners added yet another young pitching prospect to the ever growing pile. I’d imagine he has a ceiling around that of a Taijuan Walker, and that it will likely be 3-4 years minimum until we see him in the big leagues. It’s an exciting signing, but he’s still just a young kid.