Random Seattle Athlete of the Day: Butch Huskey

Name: Robert Leon “Butch” Huskey

Claim to Fame: Although Huskey only played one-half season with the Mariners, he posted a .290 batting average and he hit a solid 15 homeruns in 262 at-bats.

Was he any good? Well, if you consider winning four Doubleday Awards, the honor given to the top player or players in the New York Mets farm system, good, then yeah, Butch Huskey was up there with the best. Actually, for the few seasons that he did play, he wasn’t half bad. Although sometimes criticized for his weight, even on radio talk-shows, Huskey was solid at the plate.

In his three full years with the Mets, his yearly batting average finished off over .250 in all three. His fielding was usually sub-par, but he was a versatile fielder playing different positions such as right field, left field, third base, and first base.

Anything else to know? In Butch Huskey’s short career, he did accomplish one astounding feat. On September 15, 1997, Huskey hit a homerun that flew all the way to section 638 of Veterans Stadium, home to the Phillies at the time. He became only the third player to launch a homerun ball to the 600 level in that park. Only one other batter would accomplish such a triumph after that.