Seattle SuperSonic Draft Canidates: Brook Lopez

Over the next couple of weeks, SeaTown Sports will take a look at several possible Seattle SuperSonic draft candidates. We will take a look at who the Sonics can take with the #4 pick in the 1st round and also who they can possibly grab with the #24 pick in the 1st round. Our first player is Brook Lopez.

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The Run Down

  • 2007-08 Season Averages: 19.3ppg, 1.4apg, 8.2rpg, 2.1bpg
  • Height: 7-0, Weight 260lbs., Position F/C, Class: Sophomore
  • 20 Years Old
  • Best Case Comparisons: Hybrid of Chris Kaman and PJ Brown, Brad Daugherty
  • Worst Case Comparison: Brendan Haywood


  • Size
  • Length
  • Frame
  • Hands
  • Coordination


  • Average athlete
  • Predictable offensive game
  • Left Hand
  • Average Rebounder
  • Passing out of the Double Team

My Take: Brook Lopez is projected by many to fall to the Timberwolves who have the #3 pick. Experts cite the Timberwolves’ current need for a center to complement Al Jefferson. However if the Timberwolves for some reason pass on Brook, the Sonics will be faced with a serious dilemma.

Would it be worth drafting another center? Although the Sonics front office would face criticism from a lot of fans I don’t think Brook Lopez will turn out to be a bust. The best thing about Brook Lopez is the fact that he’s NBA-ready. Although he has few kinks in his game, he already has had significant experience at the college level (see video below). So unlike Swift, Petro, or Sene, with actual college experience, Brook is ready to step in the NBA game, no questions asked.

Another thing that separates him from the three current Sonic centers is his basketball IQ. Besides the fact that he went to Stanford, he is an extremely smart basketball player. While watching him play this year, I rarely saw a turnover. That’s priceless.

Brook has already worked out with Seattle and Minnesota, and has already cited Seattle as a possible situation. In an article from Mercury News, when asked about Seattle, Brook replied, “I wouldn’t mind that at all. It’s great,”.

A distinct possibility: both Brook and Robin Lopez become Sonics. I doubt this will happen, but the Sonics do indeed have two first round picks both within the range of the twins. It is possible, however if it were to happen, then the Sonics would have 5 different centers, overkill.

Conclusion: Brook Lopez has aspired to model his game after Tim Duncan. He’s no where near to Tim Duncan, but he definitely has the potential to be. If he slips pass the Timberwolves the Sonics couldn’t go wrong by drafting him.