Reaction To Seahawks Signing Matt Flynn

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If you somehow haven’t heard yet, news broke around 2:30 on Sunday that the Seahawks have signed former Green Bay backup quarterback Matt Flynn to a contract that could be worth a total of $26 million with $10 million guaranteed.

My gut reaction: This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my 15 years of existence.

Finally, the Seahawks have an answer at quarterback. We’ve been toying with the idea that Peyton Manning could come to Seattle, but Flynn is obviously better. Even though I’ve only seen him play once, I know for a fact Flynn is the man who will bring Seattle its first Super Bowl. #Flynnsanity, here we go!

But eventually, I got past my obligatory “fan freaks out over free agent moment” and began to think like a normal person again. Flynn signing with the Seahawks brings up some serious questions: Is he honestly better than Tarvaris Jackson? Will he fit in with everyone else in the locker room? How much patience will the 12th man have for him when he eventually messes up?

Those questions will be discussed on blogs just like this one for the next 5 months, but for now, Matt Flynn signing with Seattle is nothing but positives for a couple reasons.

Remember when Arizona traded major assets and signed Kevin Kolb to a deal worth $26.5 million guaranteed? Yeah, well, that’s not working out so well and at this point the Cardinals are stuck with an overpaid, average at best quarterback.

But then you have Matt Flynn’s deal. The Seahawks reportedly only gave him $10 Million guaranteed, which is nothing compared to Kolb’s $26.5 million guaranteed. A bargain if you ask me.

Then there’s the draft. Before the Seahawks signed Flynn, people were speculating on whether or not the Hawks would take a quarterback (namely Ryan Tannehill) with their number 12 overall pick. Now, with Flynn on the roster, the Seahawks can use that very valuable pick to improve the team in other areas, such as the defensive line.

In the end, signing Flynn is a calculated, low-risk signing. If he fails, the Seahawks will be fine. It’s not like the franchise will be financially crippled for years to come (thank you Paul Allen).

But if he succeeds and becomes a good, maybe great quarterback?

Who knows what could happen?

- Nathan Parsons (@nathanparsons98)