Random Seattle Athlete of the Day: Brent Barry

Photo Credit: [Can't Stop the Bleeding]

Name: Brent “Bones” Barry

Claim to Fame: Playing four seasons as a point guard for the Seattle Supersonics, starting in eight postseason games.

Was he any good? After Gary Payton was traded, Brent Barry stepped in as the point guard for the Sonics. Granted, he wasn’t as good as Payton, he still was an effective player that always contributed on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. He was deadly from the three-point line when he had his feet set with some space. With his height advantage at 6’7″, he was versatile defensively, allowing him to guard wings and guards.

Anything else to know?

  • He loves Seattle…still and is willing to let it be known on the NBA network,
  • He loves Seattle so much he wrote a poem about it,
  • He can do the crip walk.
  • And most importantly, Brent Barry remains the only basketball player of caucasion-decent to ever win the NBA slam dunk contest, bear witness: