Random Seattle Athlete Of The Day: Jerome James

Random Seattle Athlete Of The Day is an occasional series where we find one forgotten Seattle athlete from the past and bring him or her back to glory.

Name: Jerome James

Claim to Fame: Starting at Center for the Seattle Supersonics during their 2004-05 playoff run, in which he averaged 12.5 ppg and 6.8rpg in eleven games. 

Was he any good?
Besides his elevated level of play during the 2005 playoffs, Jerome James was not good at all. As a Sonic, he never averaged more than six points and five rebounds per game. For someone that was 7’1″, James served as a disappointment for Sonics Head Coach Nate McMillan who needed to get rebounding production out of his big men. Moreover, James was a bad teammate: he once fell asleep during a film session, he was once late to practice saying he couldn’t get out of his driveway because of snow (he drove a Hummer), and he was constantly pouting, complaining, and blaming others during his time in Seattle. 

Anything else interesting about him?
After the 2005 playoffs, James signed a five year $30 million contract with the New York Knicks. In four seasons with the Knicks James averaged 2.4 ppg and 1.8rpg in just 90 games played. In the 2008-09 season, James played a total of five minutes, and was paid a salary of $5.8 million. In summary, James was  drastically overpaid and is the perfect example of seven footers continually being overrated in the NBA.

–Kevin (seatownsports@yahoo.com)