Where are they now? The 2007-2008 Seattle SuperSonics

The 2007-08 Seattle SuperSonics season is forgettable. The team finished with a 20-62 record and much of the attention was not on the actual team’s performance, but the future of the franchise. Sam Presti, the Sonics General Manager of the time signed and traded several players during the season, resulting in a roster that played home to over 20 players throughout the season.  

I thought it would be interesting to see where the players on the 2007-08 team are right now. The diversity of the current situations of all the players since 2008 is fascinating: there’s an NBA scoring champion, a player in his fifteenth NBA season, five players currently playing overseas, two coaches, and a TV commentator. 

This is where the 2007-08 Seattle Supersonics are now; the last players to ever suit up in the green and gold:

(All stats as of 2/14/11)

Alive and Thriving

  • Nick Collison is one of the only three remaining Sonics players on the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is now in his sixth season with the franchise. In his last season in Seattle he was averaging 9.8ppg and 9.4rpg, now he is averaging 4.3ppg and 4.5ppg. Collison still resides in Seattle and it is well publicized he loves the city. Just ask the Oklahoma City media who got extremely upset by his feelings back in 2009.
  • Kevin Durant is ridiculous. Last season he became the youngest player to ever win the NBA scoring title, putting up 30.1 points per game. His 29.1ppg this season is also leading the NBA. Durant still has feelings for Seattle. 
  • Jeff Green is the final member of the trio that was part of the Sonics in Seattle. He has since then averaged around 15 points and 5 rebounds per game. Along with having a bland name, nothing interesting of note has happened to Green. He is just putting in his time right now, helping the Thunder become a threat in the playoffs.
  • Johan Petro is now in his fifth season in the NBA. He is now starring for the New Jersey Nets, currently averaging 3.3ppg and 2.5rpg. You can become part of the Johan Petro fan club here. He really enjoys Tabasco as made evident by a tweet made on February 5th.
  • Luke Ridnour is alive and well. He never had to play for Oklahoma City as he was traded to the Bucks before the season started. After two seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks, he is now playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves; currently averaging 11.6ppg and 5.6apg. I doubt he’s ever had a promotion this awesome since he’s left the Sonics.
  • Kurt Thomas is still playing basketball. He was traded mid-season to the Spurs in 2008. He is now with the Bulls averaging a healthy 4.8ppg and 5.9rpg. He’s in his fifteenth season. Beast.
  • Earl Watson was the Sonics starting point guard for the 2007-08 season. He eventually lost his starting job when the team moved to Oklahoma. He is now with the Utah Jazz averaging 3.4ppg and 3.0apg.
  • Chris Wilcox was an above average player for the Sonics. He is now on the Detroit Pistons where he is seeing no where close to the playing time he got while he was in Seattle. I’ll always remember this legendary game. It is a bummer he never made a name of himself and had to live in the shadow of Shawn Kemp for that one April night.
  • Damien Wilkins was at the peak of his career with the Sonics, he put up career high averages of 9.2ppg and 2apg in the 2007-08 season. He is now with the Atlanta Hawks scoring a career low 2.9ppg. The poor guy scored 41 points in one game for the Sonics and ended up not being the hero. Kevin Durant was that good.

Delonte West gets his own heading


Delonte West was traded to the Cavaliers mid-season, after playing 35 games for the Sonics.

Since then, the following has happened in this order:

  1. Signed a three-year 12.7 million dollar with the Cavaliers, became their starting shooting guard 
  2. Played in the 2008 playoffs
  3. Played in the 2009 playoffs 
  4. Pulled over for a traffic violation while riding a 3-wheeled motorcycle (the police found guns in a guitar case) 
  5. Played in the 2010 playoffs (rumors about him messing around with Lebron’s mom surface)
  6. Traded to the Timberwolves 
  7. Signed by the Celtics 
  8. Returns from a wrist injury…tomorrow


They played for the Sonics?

  • Ronald Dupree signed a ten day contract with the team near the end of the season; he played in a total of four games. Since then, Dupree has played for the Tulas 66ers and the Utah Flash in the NBA D-League. Dupree signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Raptors before the beginning of this season but was waived last month.
  • Francisco Elson starred in 22 games for the Sonics. The seven-foot center is now on the Utah Jazz (with Earl Watson), he’s putting up forgettable single digit averages. Though he may not be well-known around these parts, he is the captain of the Netherlands national basketball team.
  • Ira Newble was shipped along with Marshall from the Cavaliers to the Sonics. And I have no idea what Ira Newble is doing now. Do you?


  • Mickael Gelabale was a second round draft pick for the Sonics in the 2005 draft and joined the team in 2006 along with Frenchmen Johan Petro. Injuries prevented Gelabale from ever seeing consistent playing time with an NBA team. Gelabale is currently playing overseas in the French league. In 2009-10 he was named of MVP of the French Pro A championship.
  • Eddie Gill was signed to a ten-day contract late in the 2008 season and ended up playing in one game for the Sonics. He is now overseas in Germany after failing to secure a spot on an NBA roster this past season.
  • Mouhamed Sene was drafted 10th overall by the Sonics in 2006. Despite his 7’8″ wing-span, he failed to find success in the NBA. Although he is no longer on their official roster, Sene was last seen with the BCM Gravlines Dunkerque team in France.
  • Robert Swift in in Tokyo playing for former Sonics head coach, Bob Hill. We wrote about him earlier in this post. He still has lot of tattoos, he is still terrifying, and last but not least, he is still playing basketball (that’s what matters). 
  • Mike Wilks a 5’10″ point guard signed a 10 day contract with the Sonics in late February of 2008. He is now a free agent. I hope Isaiah Thomas is more successful than Wilks at the next level. 


  • Adrian Griffin was part of the mid-season 3-team trade that shipped Delonte West and Wally Szerbiak to the Cavaliers. During his time with the Supersonics, Griffin starred in 13 games and averaged 5.9ppg. He is now an assistant coach for the Chicago Bulls.
  • Donyell Marshall was also part of the 3-team trade mentioned above. He put up 3.8 points per game in his 15 game apperances. The next season he played his last season with the Philadelphia 76ers and now he is an assistant coach for the George Washington Colonials.
  • Wally Szczerbiak was traded mid-season to the Cavaliers in 2008 and spent one more season with the Cavaliers before retiring. He is now a basketball analyst for CBS. Maybe we’ll hear his voice come March? Or will it be Random Dude’s voice?