How To Enjoy A Seattle Sounders FC Match At Century Link Field


Go Sounders Go
Fight Sounders Fight
And the entire world will tremble at your might
We sing for you
We love you so
And we will follow you wherever you may go
 Where you may go
We are the blue! We are the blue!
We are the green! We are the green!
We are the ECS and you can hear us scream! Hear us scream!
For our boys! For our boys!
Until the end! Until the end!
Our love for you only the Gods can understand! Can understand!

Not the most complex of lyrical stylings I have ever seen, but the passion from which they are delivered are impressive when the Seattle Sounders FC play in a significant match. Maybe you have heard these lyrics before (but probably didn’t quite know what was being said). Maybe you have sat in a section far away from these Sounders supporters. Maybe you simply heard them on TV. And most likely, you have no idea the best way to enjoy a Sounders match at the CLink. Good thing you have me.

The Seattle Sounders game day experience can start in a variety of ways for the average fan, but it certainly should involve some street food eating. If you have friends who run a tailgate, that is your best option. If you don’t have friends, you are a loser. Also, you can gain some friends by hitting up one of the many tailgates south of the stadium. The Sounders rowdies (some guys I know) run a nice tailgate which involves a little cash, a Sounders jersey or shirt (you need to show you support the boys) and a winning smile. Honestly, who likes someone frowning?

After getting food (and other options) in you, head to Occidental Park. (You should have a general admission ticket for $28 in your hand at this point – that will be key). Join with many other Sounders fans in the “March to the Match”. While it is only a three block walk (thus you should be okay no matter how you tailgated), it is three blocks of awesome. With Sound Wave (the Sounders band with an awful name) leading the group in songs and ECS members leading the group in chants, you will be excited to get to Century Link Field. If you aren’t ready then, you will be ready by game time.

As you walk into the general admission section, you will be able to sit somewhere between sections 121-123. (I have season tickets in 120 and get to experience the awesome environment every match without having to fight for a seat in general admission. You don’t have that option because you are a fool for not getting in on this in Season One. I will help you here, but still call you a fool).

Once you find your seat, go ahead and take a load off for about five to ten minutes. You will not sit the rest of the match. Your job in this area is to jump, chant, sing and yell. You may curse. It is encouraged actually. Thus keeping your child out of the section is imperative. Unless your kid is mine. I plan on teaching my son (who is one) plenty of curse words and chants in hopes that he gets it out of his system by the time he is three. I know, it is a controversial theory, but so was Copernicus’s.

Your job is to give all your energy to supporting the Sounders for the next 90 minutes. If you are confused about the lyrics of songs, you are a simpleton. I call you that because most of the songs have like seven words. Yet you can study up by visiting the supporters website. If you get hungry or thirsty during the match, you are stupid and didn’t listen to me about visiting a tailgate. You don’t leave a soccer match during play. This isn’t baseball or even football (please, more TV timeouts so I can stab myself in the face). I love those games – in fact, soccer is my fourth favorite sport, yet I know that it is a different game to attend than others.

Even halftime is a bad time to leave your spot because 1) you are in a general admission area and 2) you will miss game time. Nothing good happens on a concourse at half time. I’ve always said that.

(Note: if you do not follow my advice and go to the concourse buy the tater tots with hot sauce on them. Everyone should try them once. Also, they have Red Bull which could help even though people in England die after drinking like 14 of them. So just stick to one.)

During the match, watch for the play of a few individuals. Osvaldo Alonso is the man. He is bald like me and thus beautiful. He makes some great tackles and is an excellent passer. Mauro Rosales makes plays that most MLS players can’t out on the wing and Fredy Montero will occasionally have an incredible goal. Oh and Kasey Keller deserves your praise consistently.

As the match ends and the Sounders win (pray for goals, 0-0 ties are brutal), stay in the section. Don’t be that guy (or girl) who gets up and leaves right away. God forbid, you are someone who leaves early. Look I make my one year old stay to the end of Mariner games at 10:00 p.m. at night so you can battle a little traffic, ok? Father of the year? Possibly.

Anyway, stay to the end and wait for the Sounders to reach your section. They will come over to the goal area and give you a round of applause. You should reciprocate and even chant for your favorite player (I advise Olonso or Rosales. Never ever cheer for Nate Jaqua. He needs to become a bag boy who gets cans off the top shelf at Safeway).

Now you can leave. What do you do? I am not your mother and you need to start thinking for yourself a bit at this point, don’t you think?

–Brian Elsner is a Sounders FC season-ticket holder and writes about Seattle Sports at Wait For It Seattle. Follow him on twitter @Elsnopolis.